I make stoneware pots for indoor and outdoor spaces, their sculptural form varies in height from 30cms to 110cms.

My bottles are hand-built using coils to construct the vessels. It is usual for me to work on two or three pots at once, allowing the coils to stiffen in readiness for the next layer. I also make bowls by joining two slabs of clay together. As the work progresses it is refined by scraping and paring down with a variety of metal tools. I am constantly observing and feeling my way to a satisfying conclusion working intuitively, in partnership with the pot, which constantly suggests the way.

Inspiration comes from many sources; plant life and natural detritus found at the sea edge, Gaudi chimney pots and the texture and seam detail of denim. In all these I see form, line and movement and this is translated to my work.

The outside surface of the vessel has a rough texture that is coloured with natural oxides then coated with a white barium glaze so that it is resonant of stone. To contrast, the inside is smooth rather like the inside of a shell or egg and has a food-safe white stoneware glaze fired to 1240 degrees Centigrade.

My vessels often work well in pairs or small groups, standing side by side, separate, but complementing one another, each pot able to stand alone, but enhanced when in relationship with the other.

I also burnish and smoke fire some pots, and feel that they complement the high-fired work.

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